Each week, we make meals for approximately 100 people who are in most urgent need.  During the months of May-August we can have a higher number of guests.  We provide a Sunday lunch service on the streets of Pittsburgh for people who may not otherwise eat.  We partner with other organizations that deliver meals to people on the streets downtown and also take care of the encampment areas.  We are there holidays, rain, sleet, or snow - 52 weeks a year.

Would you like to get involved?  Would you like to help prepare and serve a   Sunday meal?  See our "get started guide" for important meal and safety information.  Then contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or schedule your team on our "HOME' page. 

ARRIVAL: Set up is 11:40 to 12:00. Meal is served from 12:00 to 1:00. Cleanup follows after.

LEADER:  Determine your coordinator and they will work with the Mission From Mars team.  Girl scouts, Book Clubs, neighborhoods, church groups, and groups of friends- you can set up a cooking party to make the meal.  

IMPORTANT FOOD SAFETY:  Please keep in mind food safety/handling as if you were cooking for your own family.  Please always wear a mask and gloves.  These people are our family. Hot food needs to come hot and cold food arrive cold. 

IMPORTANT SAFETY:  Please read under "safety" or safety considerations can also be found under "get started guide". 

LOCATION:  We serve near the outside of the Martin Luther King Elementary School.  The address is: 50 Montgomery Place Pittsburgh, PA 15212.  You can also use the address for Light of Life which is: 10 E. North Ave, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15212. The meal is across the street from Light of Life in the park. 


The school is ACROSS the street from Light of Life Mission (in front of the park/playground).  We are not affiliated with Light of Life, but this location was chosen as it is within walking distance of the shelter and streets where our friends in need live. 

When you arrive, park on the side of the road - there is always plenty of parking.  You will see the homeless congregate there and arrival of volunteers starting to arrive at 11:40 am. Currently, there is a DO NOT ENTER sign, but enter the street at your own risk or go around the block.