SUNDAY lunch


meal prep parties


Each week, we make meals for 100 people in need.  We help those who are in most urgent need through our Sunday lunch service.  Our primary mission is to develop and connect communities of diverse people that come together for the greater good.







We provide a way for groups, individuals and families to get involved!  Our Sunday lunch ministry allows the community to provide meals and fellowship.  Our meal making parties are fun for a good cause! Gather your sports team, church, friends, neighborhood, and get cooking for the homeless!

There are so many ways to get involved!  The greatest need are weekly volunteers to provide support and fellowship! 

Would you like to put a team together to bring food for the homeless?  What talent can you bring? Do you play music or motivational speak?  Would you like to do a donation drive for items to help them? 

It is amazing what one person can do and even better when you rally the troops!  Thanks for coming on this journey with us!

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